Cloud Token Wallet - $19,000 in 10 days flat!


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Yes, you really can get paid to HODL! 

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This is a Crypto wallet, that pays you to HODL your Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency. 

Every day we're paid ROI in a token that is set to EXPLODE in valuation. 2 weeks ago, it was at $0.30 and now 2 weeks after, it's sitting at close to $0.40 

This is a 30% rise in value… 

We expect this Crypto token to at least 100x in value!

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We expect the price of the coin to at LEAST 100x in Value!
The price alone COULD make you $$$ MILLIONS..(I’m serious)


You still have access to your Bitcoin & Crypto at all times.

How Does It Work?

  • You deposit your Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency in a NEW decentralized wallet similar to Blockchain & Coinbase…

  • You start to accumulate CLOUD TOKENS DIRECTLY in the wallet after 24hrs has lapsed

  • The more Bitcoin/Crypto you deposit the more CLOUD TOKENS you accumulate

  • You have FULL control and access at all times to your Bitcoin & Crypto.

Ready To Get Started With Me?


Download the app HERE                              

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Works via app on any Android or IPhone

Follow these steps to get the app on your iPhone 📱 

>> Settings

>> General

>> Device management

>> Click on the Y F Technologies Trust

>> Click TRUST

Next open up your new cloud token wallet and fund your account to start earning passive daily income 24/7. 

Reach out to me today and let’s get you started right away….

Cryptonaire Founder

*Remember to always invest responsibly*

Ron Singh