CLOUD TOKEN - A fully decentralized Cryptocurrency Wallet


Why You Need To Take Action Now!


Cloud token is taking the industry by storm.

This is a fully-decentralised Cryptocurrency wallet, similar to Blockchain & Coinbase.
However, there is a UNIQUE and fundamental feature in this wallet that sets it apart from the rest.

The Cloud Token wallet, continues to pay ALL users passively, simply for storing or (HODL) your Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency.

How is this possible?

The Cloud Token wallet uses sophisticated AI technology that executes complex arbitrage trading algorithms on behalf of all users who store their Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency.

Each user then achieves profits that are paid out in Cloud Tokens.

Each Cloud Token, carries with it a value that is set to soar to new heights rapidly.

This is a disruptive technology like no other in the Crypto space right now and MILLIONAIRES and MULTI-MILLIONAIRES will be created with this wallet.

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This is unlike anything I’ve ever seen before…

Cloud Token Wallet pays you EVERY SINGLE DAY…

100% passively…

The best part…
We’re in right at the start and the valuation is set to soar….

Does your Crypto wallet pay you?

I didn’t think so…

This one pays you passive returns DAILY in a token that is set to DISRUPT the industry in a major way….

There is nothing to buy
There is nothing to sell

You’re simply storing your Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency in a NEW decentralized Crypto-wallet that pays you from ARBITRAGE TRADING…every single day!


you still control 100% of all of your Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies.

If you see the vision here and you want to generate MILLIONS in the Crypto space, this could be your chance.

Ready To Get Started With Me?


Download the app HERE                              

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Works via app on any Android or IPhone

Follow these steps to get the app on your iPhone 📱 

>> Settings

>> General

>> Device management

>> Click on the Y F Technologies Trust

>> Click TRUST

Next open up your new cloud token wallet and fund your account to start earning passive daily income 24/7. 

Reach out to me today and let’s get you started right away….

Cryptonaire Founder

*Remember to always invest responsibly*

Ron Singh