Cloud Token – Do Not Ignore – A Crypto Wallet That Pays You Passively!




Cloud token is a unique technology In the Blockchain space that has ERUPTED and taken the industry by storm…

What is Cloud Token?

It’s a decentralized Crypto wallet that pays you passively – EVERY SINGLE DAY!


Simply by storing your Bitcoin, ETH, Litecoin and other popular Crypto’s in this wallet.

This is done via the AI (Artificial Intelligence) trading software embedded in the App.
You can download this via your iPhone or Android device.

Cloud Token has jumped from $0.30 to now where it sits $0.47…in 2 months flat!

You’re simply storing a proportion of your Bitcoin into this wallet and being REWARDED daily.

This is a NO BRAINER!

We expect the price of the coin to at LEAST 100x in Value!
The price alone COULD make you $$$ MILLIONS..(I’m serious)

You still have access to your Bitcoin & Crypto at all times.

How Does It Work?

  • You deposit your Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency in a NEW decentralized wallet similar to Blockchain & Coinbase…

  • You start to accumulate CLOUD TOKENS DIRECTLY in the wallet after 24hrs has lapsed

  • The more Bitcoin/Crypto you deposit the more CLOUD TOKENS you accumulate

  • You have FULL control and access at all times to your Bitcoin & Crypto.

The company, the long-term vision & the innovative & disruptive technology has me very pumped & excited.

Cloud Token is an online wallet, similar to Coinbase, Blockchain and the like.

Except, we have 1 powerful feature with the wallet;

This one Pays you PASSIVELY…
Every Single Day...even on the weekend.


How is this possible?

it’s what’s known as arbitrage trading using a sophisticated AI software (every trade can be verified)

We receive our ROI in “Cloud Tokens” which is a NEW Cryptocurrency (a utility token to buy, spend, store, exchange etc)

As we accumulate Cloud Tokens, we increase our wealth as the value continues to soar in the markets…
Like Bitcoin, this particular Crypto is set to soar to new heights rapidly…

Ron Singh