EXP ASSET - Buying A $500 Matrix Position & Why You Should Too


One thing that should never be ignored in EXP Asset is the POWER behind the earning potential with the Matrix positions. 

It's like unlocking a flood of new income at the very moment it's purchased. 

Let's recap on a few things here to ensure you have positioned yourself correctly to earn in the most aggressive manner with EXP ASSET. 

EXP Asset is a company that is located in Poland. 

Headed up by a Management team who have a wealth of combined experience in the Financial Markets, their trading activities remain to be in Forex & Cryptocurrencies combined. 

Members can get started with EXP Asset, from as little as $100.

Think about that, where else can you start your own global & profitable Cryptocurrency business, for just $100? 

EXP Asset provide all users with a stream of passive income that's derived from their trading activities in Cryptocurrencies. 

This stream of passive income is paying ALL active users on a daily basis, returns of up to 1%. 


…dwell on that a little. 

Think about the power behind the compound effect here. 

Does your High street bank pay you 1% returns on your capital every day? 

You'll be lucky if you get circa 3% in a YEAR! 

But this is the power behind a decentralized environment. 

what I like to personally call; NEW MONEY.

and new money loves speed, which is why timing is of the essence if you're reading this right now. 

To unlock the potential of the passive earnings flooding to your account on a daily basis, you simply buy a BINARY plan from as little as $100. 

Every day thereafter, you'll see profits accumulating in your account on complete AUTOPILOT! 

this is another reason of why EXP Asset remains to be so addictive! 

BUT, there is one area of EXP ASSET that is overlooked:


The matrix positions allow you to unlock ADDITIONAL streams of income in conjunction with your Passive Binary plan earnings. 

Because EXP ASSET is primarily an education platform, you must unlock products by purchasing MATRIX positions.


Each MATRIX positions when purchased, unlocks commissions that you can tap into on complete auto-pilot.


From SPILLOVER that you'll receive from myself and other members in our Cryptonaire team, you'll have members entering into YOUR network

without you do any of the heavy lifting & hard work. 

As they also purchase Matrix POSITIONS....BOOM! you'll receive INSTANT commissions that you can withdraw at any time.

There are several Permanent and TIME-BASED Matrix positions. 

It's in my personal opinion that you strive to purchase EACH of the positions ASAP! 

this will give you the edge when earning as much as possible in the business. 

If you're still a little unsure of unclear, I’ll put this into perspective for you; 

Some members who joined EXP Asset a year before me, are now earning TENS of $1000's every single week. 

So whilst the BINARY positions have HUGE earning potential from a PASSIVE standpoint, the MATRIX positions are the jewel in the Nile for anybody who wants their business to 10x and start earning more aggressively. 

If you're a member of our Cryptonaire team, simply login to your account, visit the PROGRAMS area in the dashboard and follow the step-by-step training I’m laying out for you to get the UNFAIR ADVANTAGE over others. 

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Ron Singh