Future Ad Pro Presentation Review - 2018

Future Ad Pro is a global digital media network that combines both social media marketing, digital advertising and Cryptocurrency in a unique platform that members can leverage for profit gain.

Future Net is the umbrella company and Future Ad Pro a subsidiary business that members can join to buy laser targeted traffic to promote any digital business at affordable prices.

Like other advertising networks in the industry, advertising can be purchased by members and the ads are served.

However, Future Ad Pro have a unique twist to their business model that ensures exponential profit potential to all advertisers.

The company "pool" all advertising expenditure from members on a daily basis and then split these profits back to all ACTIVE

advertisers in the network. ACTIVE advertisers are anybody who have purchased at least 1 advertising pack for $50

and have viewed at least 10 adverts within a 24 hr period.

The platform uses a traffic-exchange that all member advertisers participate in to generate traffic for each other.

Members can generate 120% return on capital on each advertising pack purchased - 100% PASSIVELY on a daily basis.

Each advertising package is priced at just $50

The advertising package will continue to monetise on a daily basis.

The profits in your account will accumulate on a daily basis until $60 has been paid to your account.

You can buy up to 1000 advertising packs that can run in your account simultaneously.

You can also compound any profits accrued at any time and buy additional advertising packs.

To put simply, the greater the number of active ad packs you have in your account, the greater amount of profit that you will secure on a daily basis.

Payments can be withdrawn at any time and are paid in all the major profitable Cryptocurrencies, such as:

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash & Bitcoin Cash to name but a few.

In this particular video, I break down the business model for you and provide you with a full overview of this unique ad-exchange.

Ron Singh