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What is  Cloud Token? (CTO) 

Cloud Token is not just a crypto wallet. 


Cloud Token is a decentralized mobile electronic wallet dedicated for storing our cryptocurrencies. 

Why do we need such a wallet? 

As with traditional money, the wallet is used to store our banknotes and coins. E-wallets have the same functionality in relation to virtual money (cryptocurrencies), and Cloud Token wallet has this functionality.

The intelligent Cloud Token wallet is also connected to a trading bot (AI Jarvis bot), which carries out automatic trading and arbitrage transactions on various cryptocurrency exchanges and generates income daily at the rate of approx 0.3% for 10% monthly and is added to our balance daily.

This income is added to your Cloud Token balance - utility token - which can be exchanged at any time into ETHEREUM for the cryptocurrency and paid out into any wallet of your choice at any time. 

The great thing about earning CTO daily and passively is that the price is only 0.30 cents each! 

The CTO has the potential to easy 100X and even more within the next 12 months! 

A similar token went from 0.40 cents to $80 in one year for a 15,500+% growth!

Not only that they also have an outstanding rewards program. 

A similar but less rewarding pay plan the top earner made over $60 million in one year and many of the top earners, continue to earn in excess of $100,000 per DAY. 

The Cloud Token compensation plan is even more rewarding so the potential to earn even more is there for everyone!

To get started follow the instructions here...


Download the app HERE                              

(please double check you add referral code 4731500806, this way I can show, help, mentor etc)

Works via app on any Android or IPhone

Follow these steps to get the app on your iPhone 📱 

>> Settings

>> General

>> Device management

>> Click on the Y F Technologies Trust

>> Click TRUST

Next open up your new cloud token wallet and fund your account to start earning passive daily income 24/7. 

There is no minimum for the bots to make you money daily! 

To earn from the referral program you need to hold at least $500 in your cloud token wallet. 

One of my friends just started with 40 Bitcoin ($250,000+) 

We recommend holding at least $600 in case the price value of bitcoin goes down, again your cloud token wallet account needs to hold at least $500 in value at all times to earn referral rewards. 

You can compound your profits daily 😁😁😁 

We already have CTO affiliates earning $200 to $4,000, $7,000 to $19,000+ daily. 

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Ron Singh